Thursday, April 05, 2007

Jag Sameaj

This week is Pesaj (Passover), so no leavened things at all, which includes many items (including coke and pasta). It actually hasn't been that bad, mostly bc Ryan has joined in on the matza fun!

He actually was pushing me to actually do a seder on Monday, so we did! It was wonderful! We had a nice plate (with some liberal substitutions) and a nice matza basket (instead of bread basket) sent by my parents (who are getting better at this care pacakage thing!). We printed a haggadah online (yes, we didn't get around to buying one this year), and overall it went lovely. I even made matzah ball soup and we had these "breaded" (matza-ed?) chicken things... Very yummy.

And Ryan even had me look for the Affikomen...

Is it there?

In here? (Isn't that apron cute? my mommy sent me that too!)

Over here?

In the end it was in the printer, where the paper comes out... very funny!

Anyway, good times had by us!

Have a happy passover!

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mercurial scribe said...

ryc: No, it's in neighboring Placentia.